Kosher/Kosher-Style Catering

Having catered Kosher meals for Seattle’s Jewish community from 1992, we can create custom menus for all your B’nai Mitzvah events – from Shabbat dinner to family brunch on Sunday.

We have been in the Simcha business for more than 17 years, and we specialize in the “hassle-free” event experience.  Either “walk in” to your event, allowing us to take care of everything from the flowers to the food, or be as hands-on as you please.  Food and service are foremost in our minds.

Our skilled chefs prepare exquisite food from all over the world, presenting it with style and flair, while our event planners organize and plan every detail of your event.  Because of our extensive experience, we are knowledgeable of all Jewish cuisine and are familiar with and sensitive to the laws of kashrut as applied by the Rabbis in each synagogue.  Each and every event is custom tailored to your needs and requirements.

On Safari specializes in kosher-style catering. All meals made in our catering kitchen can be prepared kosher-style in keeping with meat or dairy meals, and we can use kosher meats upon request.

Meals can be prepared kosher or glatt kosher if cooked in a kosher kitchen. On Safari is a preferred caterer at many kosher synagogues in Seattle, and is a preferred vendor at UW Hillel. We can also coordinate a Seattle Vaad certified event. Mashgichim from the Vaad are $25 per hour, with a four hour minimum.  The size of the event will determine how many mashgichim are required.  There is a $1.50 per plate fee on top of the hourly rate, plus a $125 fee.


Food and beverage minimums for delivery:

Monday-Friday – $100 for drop off deliveries, $500 for staffed events

Saturday-Sunday – $1,000 for drop off  deliveries and staffed events

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