Stocked Snack Kitchens

Studies have shown that a stocked kitchen offers more than just snacks – it increases workplace satisfaction and overall productivity. 

Our offerings include everything listed below, as well as our own house-made pastries and baked goods. 

We are able to provide the standard snacks you know, as well as the treats you’re soon to love – made from scratch at our in house bakery in SoDo.

Contact us now to learn more about stocked snack kitchens.

On Safari Foods offers a hands-on approach to that goes above and beyond the experience of contracting with a massive corporate food service provider. 

Like our catering and foodservice, each is stocked kitchen client is given an unparalleled level of service, paired with a personal account manager for easy communication, and able to fully customize their order.


– Fresh baked cookies  (chocolate chip, peanut butter, molasses, snickerdoodle, pumpkin maple (seasonal), etc.)

– Fresh baked brownies and bars (peanut butter brownies, fudgy brownies, seven layer bars, Nanaimo bars, Raspberry bars, caramel nut bars, coconut apricot bars, cheesecake brownies)

– Crunchies (similar to a Nature Valley bar)

– House-made paleo granola


– Fresh fruit (bananas, blueberries, bartlett pears, gala apples, strawberries, tangerines – fruit varieties subject to seasonal availability)
– Baby carrot
– Tillamook cheese
– Kirkland organic hummus
– Wholly Guacamole

– Chobani Greek Y ogurt (pinapple, blueberry, peach, plain, strawberry)
– Hard boiled eggs
– Sahale Pomegranate vanilla cashews
– Kirkland cashews
– Kirkland mixed nuts
– Kirkland pistachios
– Kirkland raw almonds
– Kirkland trail mix

– Kind bars (various flavors)
– Cliff bars (various flavors)
– Nature’s Bakery fig bars (blueberry, raspberry, apricot fig, strawberry fig)
– Nature Valley 
– Protein Bars

– Erin’s White Cheddar popcorn
– Krave Beef Jerky
– Sea’s gift Seaweed
– Mc Douggal Flaw and Nuts breakfast cup
– Tim’s Cascade potato chips
– Gardettos
– Pop Chips (various flavors)
– Snyder’s Pretzels
– Terra chips
– Doritos
– Stacey’s Pita Chips
– Pepridge Farms Gold Fish
– Cheez-It: Four Cheese
– Rold Gold Honey Mustard Pretzels
– Franz bagels
– Franz extra crispy English muffins
– Franz organic nine grain
– Franz four grain and seeds bread

– Justin’s Organic mini peanut butter cups
– Famous Amos Chocolate chip cookies
– Rice Krispy treats
– Rip Van Wafels 
– Nutter Butters
– Dark chocolate Milano’s
– M&M’s peanut
– Sour patch kids
– Snickers minis
– Hi Chew variety

– Cherrio’s in a cup
– Cherrio’s Honey Nut
– Bob’s Mill Honey Nut Oat (gluten free)
– Kellogg Frosted Mini Wheats
– Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds

– High Brew, Double Espresso
– High Brew, Mexican Vanilla
– Swiss Miss cocoa
– Classic Coca Cola
– Coke Cherry Zero
– Coke Zero
– Diet Coke
– Mountain Dew