Seattle Corporate Catering


Why use a corporate caterer?

corn-saladVaried as they are, all our Seattle corporate catering clients do have a few things in common.

First, a desire for crave-worthy food, consistent quality, and professional service.   

Second, they all cast an attentive eye to the bottom line – and justifiably so! To all our current clients and future friends, we say the same thing:

In a city like Seattle, time is money and if the goal is to save both time and money, then an experienced corporate caterer/food service provider is the best investment your company can make.

Seamless, full-service corporate catering means three things: you will streamline and save time, you can feel confident that all aspects of the catering (delivery, pick-up, etc.) will be addressed, and most importantly, the meals themselves will be delicious, interesting, and always made from the highest quality ingredients. 

1. Streamline and save time

When you contract with several different vendors at once, miscommunications abound and mistakes become inevitable. However, when you are able to speak with the same person to manage all your food-service needs, the process streamlines and your life simplifies.

From planning the menus, to delivery, to pick-up, to staff (if needed), to all the necessary accessories (utensils, dishes, linens, etc.), hiring a single, experienced corporate caterer to handle everything is an investment both in saving time and maintaining sanity.

  1. vegetable-soup2. Feel confident

  2. With an experienced corporate food-service provider on your side, you can feel confident that your event will go off without a hitch. 

No more nail-biting at the last minute, and no more wondering if your vendor will actually be able to follow through.

The best reason to hire a food service professional is because food service is their profession: they have the necessary experience, they know exactly what needs to happen and when, and there are systems in place to ensure success. 

  1. 3. Consistent quality and taste

  2. Have you ever been to a restaurant and absolutely loved it the first time, and then returned a few months later to find that the quality has gone down?The beauty of corporate catering is that those systems for success (mentioned above), apply most directly to the food itself. No more bait and switch, and no more post-honeymoon period disappoint.Rather, your company receives consistent quality every single time.Once you have decided to make the leap into corporate catering and food service, the question then becomes:

Why On Safari Foods?

Short Answer: We have 25 years of catering experience, are committed to excellence of service and cuisine, and our physical capital and dedicated staff allow us to accommodate events for 600+.

  1. sandwich seattle1. Large scale operation, small scale quality

  2. We are able to provide large quantities in a wide range of culinary styles, without sacrificing quality.
  1. Last year, due to expanded corporate catering requests, we extended our kitchen line and dedicated staff.
  1. As a result, we are now capable of accommodating everything from 10 person leadership lunches, to three square meals a day for 300+.
  1. 2. Dedication to sustainable food service practices

  2. When it comes to sustainability and responsible food service we don’t just talk the talk.
  1. We believe we have an ethical imperative to do what we can to help our environment, and as such we are the only large-scale Seattle caterer with a sustainable, humanely raised protein program.
  1. The cherry on top? Premium, locally sourced ingredients lead to healthier, higher quality, and all around tastier food. 
  2. 3. Unmatched culinary range and variety

  3. We are a custom caterer, meaning that if you can dream it, we can make it.
  1. Our kitchen is home to cooks from all over the world, and their varied knowledge and talents make it possible for us to serve up a wide range of dishes and delicacies. 
  1. Looking for simplicity? Choose from one of our popular menus. Feeling adventurous? Get in touch with one of our coordinators and they will work closely with you to craft a custom menu that is just right.
  1. From grilled cheese and tomato soup, to Coq a Vin, to Massaman curry, to spaghetti bolognese, to Vietnamese pho – we strive everyday to put the world on your plate.
  1. 4. 360 degree service 

  2. With a large team of culinary professionals and experienced waitstaff, we are able to provide an un-matched level of service. While many corporate catering companies rely on outside, temporary staffing agencies – all our people come from within a regular pool of verified talent.
  1. This means that whether you need a weekly 12 person breakfast for upper management, a lunch drop-off for 200 employees, or a fully staffed, plated dinner for 500 – you can rest assured that your service will be exceptional.
  1. 5. Industry veteran 

  2. With almost 25 years in the business, we have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. While we are always looking to improve our model and innovate with the times, our breadth of industry experience gives us the confidence to ensure the very best food, service, and experience to all our clients.


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Monday-Friday – $150 for drop off deliveries | $500 for staffed events

Saturday-Sunday – $1,000 for deliveries and staffed events

We utilize only the freshest, most natural, and sustainable ingredients from local purveyors whose values align with our own.

To ensure that we have all the ingredients necessary to make your food, all order must be confirmed within 48 hours of your event. Due to availability of items and kitchen capacity, we cannot guarantee the fulfillment of any orders placed less than 48 hours before the event.

Once the headcount has been finalized, we are unable to make adjustments down. If any adjustments are made up (as in, more people are added to the final headcount), there will be a 20% surcharge per person added.

*An extra fee will be applied to breakfast deliveries before 6am.