Stocked Snack Kitchens

A well stocked office kitchen offers more than just snacks, it increases employee happiness and overall workplace satisfaction. 

Our stocked kitchen offerings include everything listed below, as well as our own house-made pastries and baked goods. 

On Safari Foods offers a hands-on approach that goes above and beyond the experience of contracting with a massive corporate food service provider. 

Like our catering and foodservice accounts, each stocked kitchen client is able to fully customize their order and is paired with a personal account manager for streamlined communication.


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– Fresh baked cookies: chocolate chip, peanut butter, molasses, snickerdoodle, etc.

– Fresh baked brownies and bars: peanut butter brownies, fudgy brownies, seven layer bars, Nanaimo bars, Raspberry bars, caramel nut bars, coconut apricot bars, etc.

– Crunchies (similar to a Nature Valley bar)

– House-made paleo granola


– Fresh fruit (bananas, blueberries, bartlett pears, gala apples, strawberries, tangerines – fruit varieties subject to seasonal availability)
– Baby carrot
– Tillamook cheese
– Kirkland organic hummus
– Wholly Guacamole

– Chobani Greek Y ogurt (pinapple, blueberry, peach, plain, strawberry)
– Hard boiled eggs
– Sahale Pomegranate vanilla cashews
– Kirkland cashews
– Kirkland mixed nuts
– Kirkland pistachios
– Kirkland raw almonds
– Kirkland trail mix

– Kind bars (various flavors)
– Cliff bars (various flavors)
– Nature’s Bakery fig bars (blueberry, raspberry, apricot fig, strawberry fig)
– Nature Valley 
– Protein Bars

– Erin’s White Cheddar popcorn
– Krave Beef Jerky
– Sea’s gift Seaweed
– Mc Douggal Flaw and Nuts breakfast cup
– Tim’s Cascade potato chips
– Gardettos
– Pop Chips (various flavors)
– Snyder’s Pretzels
– Terra chips
– Doritos
– Stacey’s Pita Chips
– Pepridge Farms Gold Fish
– Cheez-It: Four Cheese
– Rold Gold Honey Mustard Pretzels
– Franz bagels
– Franz extra crispy English muffins
– Franz organic nine grain
– Franz four grain and seeds bread

– Justin’s Organic mini peanut butter cups
– Famous Amos Chocolate chip cookies
– Rice Krispy treats
– Rip Van Wafels 
– Nutter Butters
– Dark chocolate Milano’s
– M&M’s peanut
– Sour patch kids
– Snickers minis
– Hi Chew variety

– Cherrio’s in a cup
– Cherrio’s Honey Nut
– Bob’s Mill Honey Nut Oat (gluten free)
– Kellogg Frosted Mini Wheats
– Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds

– High Brew, Double Espresso
– High Brew, Mexican Vanilla
– Swiss Miss cocoa
– Classic Coca Cola
– Coke Cherry Zero
– Coke Zero
– Diet Coke
– Mountain Dew