Appetizers & Hors D’oeuvres Menu

All items are subject to seasonal availability.  We are happy to provide vegetarian (v), vegan (vg), and gluten-free (gf) options.

Appetizers are sold by the dozen with a minimum 2 dozen per selection (unless noted).
Please inquire for pricing


Spicy Spicy Chicken Skewers (gf)
Tender chicken rubbed with paprika and curry

Berber Rubbed Chicken Skewers
This lively spice is made with warm hints of cumin, cinnamon, coriander, ginger, garlic, and fresh lemon

Chicken Satay Skewers (gf)
Served with peanut dressing

Chicken Sosaties (gf)
Our best seller and a South African specialty!  Tender chicken marinated in apricot curry, skewered with onion and apricots


One of our most-loved appetizers – chicken sosaties!

Pâte a Choux
Filled with curried chicken

Chicken Saltimbocca Pinwheels (gf)
With prosciutto, sage, and fontina cheese and served with marinara sauce

Basil Chicken Pinwheels (gf)

Chicken Wings 
Served with celery, carrot sticks, and house-made blue cheese dressing
– Buffalo
– Honey BBQ
– Sriracha
– Teriyaki
– Lemon pepper dry rub


Sausage Rolls
Ground beef and pork sausage with our special Boerewor spice blend wrapped in puff pastry, served with mango chutney

Boerewors Bites
Our Lamb-Beef-Pork boerewors are grilled to perfection and sliced into bite sized pieces served with mango chutney

Balsamic Flank Steak Crostini*
With olive tapenade OR blue cheese spread

Stuffed Mushrooms*
With bacon, spinach, and leek OR Italian sausage and peppers

Flank Steak Skewers (gf)
Rubbed with Latin spices and served with chipotle and parsley dipping sauces


Hoisin Smoked Duck Breast
Served on a wonton chip and garnished with ginger and green onion

Deviled Eggs (v)(gf)*
With bacon and chives

Lamb Kofta Kebabs (gf)
Served with cucumber raita

Miniature Italian Meatballs
Served with marinara sauce

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Meatballs
Served with a cumin-scented tomato sauce

Antipasto Platter (gf)
Prosciutto, salame, and coppa, with fresh mozzarella, served with cornichons, marinated olives, marinated mushrooms and crusty bread


Ahi Poke*
Raw Ahi tuna salad made with ahi, sesame, and lime
– on a wonton chip with shiso tomato relish
– on a cucumber cup with sesame seed garnish
– on an endive leaf
– with wonton chips and cucumber cups on the side

Rosemary and Lemon Marinated Salmon Skewers (gf)

Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes*
Served with a Thai chili dipping sauce

Smoked Salmon Blini*
Served on a Buckwheat pancake with crème fraiche, and caviar

Smoked Salmon Mini Squares
Served on house-made brown bread, with lemon-caper butter, dill and créme fraiche


House Smoked Trout
On house-made brown bread with lemon-caper butter, dill, and creme fraiche

Miniature Crab Cakes*
With red pepper aioli

Crab Salad with Endive*

Old Fashioned Crab Dip (gf)
Served with house-made potato chips

Sweet Potato Shrimp Cake
With nuoc mam

Basil and Prosciutto Wrapped Prawns (gf)

Fresh Vietnamese Salad Rolls with Shrimp (gf)
With peanut and spicy chile lime dipping sauces

Marinated Prawns (gf)
– lemon and bay, with a sugar snap pea garnish
– citrus and fennel, with a sugar snap pea garnish
– lemon, caper, and Dijon

Deviled Eggs (v)(gf)
– with bay shrimp and jalapeno
– with smoked salmon and everything bagel topping
– with Ikura caviar


* must be warmed, assembled, and/or plattered on site
(additional set up fee may apply)


Grilled Pear on Aged Pecorino (v)(gf)
With honey and thyme

Oatmeal Shortbread with Red Wine Poached Pear and Blue Cheese (v)

Crostini (v)
– warm mushroom and gruyere
– fig jam and chevre
– insalata Caprese
– Match and goat cheese with orange and honey

Roasted Beet Blini (v)*
On a buckwheat pancake with creme fraiche

Mushroom Duxelles (v)*
Served in a phyllo cup

Pâte a Choux Filled with Artichokes and Basil (v)

Gougeres (v)
Savory gruyere cheese puff

Goat Cheese Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes (v)(gf)

Greek Salad in a Cucumber Cup (v)(gf)*

Grilled Eggplant Rollups with Balsamic Glaze (v)(gf)
With fresh tomato, basil and goat cheese

Stuffed Mushrooms (v)*
With spinach, leek, and sun-dried tomato

Fresh Vietnamese Salad Rolls with Tofu (v)(vg)(gf)
Served with peanut and chile dipping sauces


Deviled Eggs (v)(gf)*
– with paprika and parsley garnish (classic)*
– with truffle oil*
– with stuffed olive *

Caprese Skewers (v)(gf)
Fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and basil

Tortellini Skewers (v)
Served with pesto dipping sauce

Savory Cheese and Corn Empanadas (v)*

Samosas (v)(vg)*
Savory pastry filled with carrot, peas, and potatoes

Spanakopita (v)*
Made with spinach, feta, and ricotta cheeses

Rustic Roasted Vegetable Tarts (v)*
– Roasted sweet potato, butternut squash, and goat cheese tart
– Roasted tomato and ricotta tart
– Mushroom and Gruyere tart
– Artichoke, ricotta, and lemon tart
– Caramelized three onion and three cheese tart

Brie en Brioche (v)
Filled with candied ginger and citron, or cranberries and hazelnut

Platter of Local, Domestic, and International Cheeses (v)(gf)
Garnished with fresh and dried fruit and nuts, served with crusty bread and crackers

Marinated Spiced Vegetable Platter (v)(vg)(gf)

Grilled and Roasted Vegetable Platter (v)(vg)(gf)
Grilled marinated eggplant, cool roasted mushrooms, roasted peppers, grilled basil scented zucchini, balsamic roasted red onions, and crusty bread

House-made Spreadable Edibles (v)(vg)(gf) – $4.50
Choose 2 of the following:
– hummus
– baba ganoush
– roasted carrot spread
– minted pea hummus
– olive tapenade
– eggplant caponata
– warm artichoke parmesan dip
– warm cannellini bean and blue cheese dip.
Served with pita, crackers and crusty bread.  
Add crudités for $1.00. Add additional spreads $1.75 each.