5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving at Work

Why celebrate Thanksgiving at work?

Because embracing love, good food, and gratitude shouldn’t stop at the front door of your home.

Also, Thankgiving is always one of those holidays that seems to fly by too quicly. One minute you’re carving the turkey, the next you’re eating Thankgiving leftovers sandwiches at work. 

Not that those sandwiches aren’t amazing (because they are), but this year we wanted to explore a few special ways you can spread seasonal cheer beyond the family table.

After all, there is more to the holiday than simply devouring a delicious meal.

With that in mind, read on to find our top five simple tips for celebrating Thanksgiving at work. 

thanksgiving at work meal


9 Spooktacular Ways to Have a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is easily one of our favorite holidays – creepy costumes, delightful decorations, and dangerously delicious desserts.

It’s that last one though that tends to get us in trouble.

When it comes to desserts we definitely don’t discriminate – brownies, cake, candy – we love it all! So when Halloween comes around, it’s always a struggle not to go overboard with the sugar.

With that in mind, this year we decided to be proactive and put together a quick, simple guide aimed at helping everyone stay healthy during this spooky holiday season.

Check it out and enjoy a happy, healthy Halloween!

Healthy Halloween Pumpkins


Rainy Day Activities: 7 Things to Do in Your Kitchen

Fall has officially fallen in Seattle, and it’s time to consider a few rainy day activities – how best can we use all that time cooped up indoors? Though there’s a wide range of things you could do on a rainy day, our interests lie – as you might imagine – on things to do in the kitchen.

Of course, as a caterer we are a bit biased, but in our minds the kitchen is the centerpiece of any home. It is a place to create culinary masterpieces, converse with loved ones, and gather with friends.

So when we came up with the idea for a rainy day activities post, we figured: Why not center everything around the kitchen? Heaven knows, there’s plenty to do there.



5 Activities You’ll Love For Labor Day Weekend in Seattle

Labor Day Weekend in Seattle is here and we’re still cooking away – the thing about holidays is that, as a caterer, they’re actually our busiest time!

But just because we’re hard at work, doesn’t mean you have to be!

In terms of fun activities, beautiful getaways, and unique events – Seattle is definitely a cosmopolitan heavy hitter. And since many of you might have Monday off, you’ll get the chance to enjoy your weekend even more.

More time for adventures, more time for fun with friends and family, more time to explore this beautiful city of ours.

With the three day timeline in mind, we’ve crafted a list of activities and trips that are sure to make this Labor Day Weekend one for the scrapbooks… or Facebooks…. whichever you prefer!

Labor Day Weekend Seattle - Kayaking


Summer Party Perfection: Your Ultimate Planning Guide

When the sun starts shining and the weather gets warm, we always find ourselves thinking about our favorite warm weather activity – getting outside and throwing the perfect summer party!

Picture it…

Sun shining through the trees, the gentle clink of champagne flutes and silverware, the rich aromas of meat on the grill, and the happy murmur of friends and family alike – celebrating the simple act of being alive.

Light. Laughter. Love.

Can you imagine a more perfect summer day?

Summer Party Drinks