The Return of the Annual Open House

February 22nd marked the return of our annual open house. 

The best words to describe this event: 

Wow, this place is packed. 

We love this event because it allows us a chance to mingle with friends, thank our long-time clients, and demonstrate the full breadth of our culinary capacity.

Featuring a full spread of international cuisine, refreshing craft cocktails, and a dessert table that’ll make you wish you’d skipped dinner – we pulled out all the stops. 

This year was particularly fun because it marked the celebration of our 25th year in business. 

Little known secret: Our 25th birthday was actually in 2017, but as we didn’t get the chance to celebrate we decided this party should be a nod to that milestone. 

On Safari Foods started as a sausage making company in the home of our owner Teresa Carew. So when we look back at the beginning and consider how far we’ve come, we are overcome with a deep and profound appreciation for everyone who has been a part of this journey. 

A HUGE thank you to everyone who attended this year, and a sincere invitation to everyone reading this – we hope to see you next time!