Trick or treat! The Best Halloween Cookies of 2017

Halloween treats

Monster Treats

Trick or treat! The Best Halloween Cookies of 2017

Though we enjoy all holidays, there is something extra special about Halloween. Creative costumes, tasty treats, spooky stories… There’s so much fun to be had!

As you can imagine, it’s the tasty treats that intrigue us most.

Every year around the second week of October, our bakery starts to overflow with a magical myriad of delicious Halloween cookies and cakes. 

We enjoy the challenge of stretching our creative culinary legs and dreaming up menus that are both super scary and dangerously delicious. This year, we even added a few new additions!

Our favorite? Monster Treats! Featuring our extra marshmallowy rice krispy treats, a thick layer of rich dark chocolate, and super cute edible googly eyes. 

Last year, we gave you all a few tips to stay healthy for Halloween, but this year the treats were just too good – we had to share! Check out a few of our favorite sweet treat snapshots below!

Halloween cookie

Witches Fingers Shortbread

pumpkin halloween cookie

Great Pumpkin Shortbread

Halloween cake

Rich chocolate cake with cinnamon frosting and a scary spiderweb design

mummy Halloween cookies

Friendly Mummy Shortbread

fall cookies

Autumn Leaves Shortbread


bat cookies Halloween

Batwing Shortbread