Cater4Cans: Gathering cans and giving back

Cater4Cans: Gathering goods and giving back

When we received the invitation to join Cater4Cans, a massive community food drive with 16 Puget Sound catering companies, we thought only one thing: YES!

Seattle’s struggle with hunger and homelessness is an issue that rests heavy on our collective hearts. As a business, On Safari Foods makes donations to charitable organizations around Seattle, and we also make regular food donations to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission in Pioneer Square. This being said..

We are always searching for ways in which we can contribute more. 

The fact that this food drive brings together a large community in order to support the larger whole, makes it even more worthwhile.

Cater4Cans began last year as the brain child of David Haggerty, owner of DSquared, another local catering company. Last year, DSquared embarked on this venture alone, and were still able to gather over 500 cans and assorted dry goods. This year, banded together as a catering community, we hope to blow that number out of the water!

We will be reaching out to all our employees, as well as our neighbors in SoDo to ask for contributions to this deeply worthwhile cause. 

How can you help?

Stop by any of our three locations and drop off whatever you can. There will be well-marked boxes, ready for donations, at each location. All canned foods, dry goods, or other non-perishable items are more than welcome!

To sweeten the deal, we will be running a raffle for one $50 visa gift card! To enter, donate 15 cans or more, leave us with your name and email address (so we can notify you if you win), and sit back knowing you made a tangible contribution to the well-being of your Seattle community.

We hope to see you all soon!

Location addresses:

On Safari Foods
3317 3rd Ave S.
Seattle WA 98134

On Safari Espresso Bar
1501 1st Ave S., Seattle, WA

On Safari Foods at Cafe Artemis
201 Elliott Ave W. Seattle, WA
(Inside the Omeros Building)