5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving at Work

Why celebrate Thanksgiving at work?

Because embracing love, good food, and gratitude shouldn’t stop at the front door of your home.

Also, Thankgiving is always one of those holidays that seems to fly by too quicly. One minute you’re carving the turkey, the next you’re eating Thankgiving leftovers sandwiches at work. 

Not that those sandwiches aren’t amazing (because they are), but this year we wanted to explore a few special ways you can spread seasonal cheer beyond the family table.

After all, there is more to the holiday than simply devouring a delicious meal.

With that in mind, read on to find our top five simple tips for celebrating Thanksgiving at work. 

thanksgiving at work meal

Have a ‘family’ meal with everyone from the office

Everyone can agree that a fabulous feast is the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving. So why limit the festivity to family members?

Organizing a family style office meal is our number one tip for celebrating Thanksgiving at work. If you have a budget, consider catering – less stress, and no clean-up. If not, go pot-luck style and encourage everyone to bring their own holiday speciality.

Consider dividing responsibilities by department. Marketing brings beverages, IT brings dessert, sales and administration split up the entrees, etc. This way everyone is literally bringing something to the table.

An office wide family style meal not only fosters community within the office, it reminds everyone to be grateful for their amazing co-workers/teammates.

thanksgiving at work thankful wall

Put up a “Thankful for” wall/bulletin board

First, cover a wall with butcher paper or put up a cork board – somewhere everyone will see it throughout the day.

Then, put out a stack of sticky notes and a sharpie.

Next, post a sign explaining to everyone that they should write down one thing they are thankful for, and then fix it to the wall.

Be a trendsetter and put up the first sticky note yourself!

You will be surprised by how many people participate, and by how heartfelt and touching people’s remarks can be.

In the end, we are all human, and deep down we all want the same things.

A “thankful for” board is an easy reminder of those universal traits that connect us.

Thanksgiving at work pie

Host a pie baking contest

Everyone loves a little competition. Everyone also loves pie.

As Thanksgiving is pretty much the hallmark holiday for pie, it makes sense to host a competition in conjunction with your other Thanksgiving celebrations.

Not only does everyone get to test their culinary skills, once the winner has been decided everyone gets to eat the pie! Definitely a win-win-win situation.

Not only will a contest awaken everyone’s competitive spirit, but the possibilities for execution are many: host the competition as the dessert portion of your family-style dinner, offer small prizes to the winners, or even donate the bulk of the pies to your local homeless shelter.

Thanksgiving at work volunteer

Volunteer as an office

For a more altruistic route, set up a team volunteer day for the entire office.

Not only will this build community amongst your employees, it will engender goodwill between your company and the community at large.

More than that, everyone will end the day feeling great about the fact that this year they gave back and did something good for those in need.

There are tons of ways to make this idea happen, so get creative and see what you can come up with.

Thanksgiving at work

Decorate as a team

Everyone loves walking into the office and finding decorations, but let’s be honest – no one likes being the one person who has to do it all by themself.

This year, instead of making decor the sole job of the office manager, bring all the departments together to build holiday cheer as a team. Similar to the potluck idea, the office manager can assign a different room or decor type to each department.

Marketing gets the office foyer. Sales gets the break room. Admin gets the kitchen, etc.

This way everyone can spend time together, enjoy cheerful decor, and no one gets stuck with the short straw.



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