Rainy Day Activities: 7 Things to Do in Your Kitchen

Fall has officially fallen in Seattle, and it’s time to consider a few rainy day activities – how best can we use all that time cooped up indoors? Though there’s a wide range of things you could do on a rainy day, our interests lie – as you might imagine – on things to do in the kitchen.

Of course, as a caterer we are a bit biased, but in our minds the kitchen is the centerpiece of any home. It is a place to create culinary masterpieces, converse with loved ones, and gather with friends.

So when we came up with the idea for a rainy day activities post, we figured: Why not center everything around the kitchen? Heaven knows, there’s plenty to do there.


1. De-clutter and re-organize

Clutter has a sneaky way of piling up around the house, and no room (besides the storage room) gets it worse than the kitchen. As a gathering place and multi-use room – random bits and bobs often find permanent homes in the empty drawers and slivers of free cupboard space.

You know what we’re talking about, right?

That one drawer under the microwave filled with a random assortment of pens, loose paper, and old receipts. The cabinet filled with Tupperware – 20 lids and 20 containers – yet somehow only two or three are actually complete sets.

Then, stashed in the back of the pantry: a 10 year old bag of flour, brown sugar long since dried into an unusable lump, and an assortment of spices your mother gifted to you when you first moved out (that was 10 years ago).

Let’s not even start on the very back recesses of the fridge. Most of the time, we don’t even dare look back there – we are honestly afraid of what we’ll find.


2. Cook or bake an old favorite

If your kitchen is already spick and span, you might just want to skip to the fun part – cooking up a storm and making some delicious food.

Branch out and try that recipe you bookmarked months ago, but have yet to get to.

Or get back to basics.

Everyone has those dishes they love to enjoy over and over, and a rainy Seattle day is the perfect time to whip out your old recipe cards and hone your skills on an old favorite.



3. Start learning a new style of cuisine

If you’re anything like us, you have a stack of amazing cookbooks that you knew you’d love, absolutely had to have, and have never actually used…

Let’s face it, getting into a new recipe book can seem daunting, especially if it’s a cuisine you are not familiar with. Consider this though…

What if you made a commitment to try one new recipe from that cookbook every time it rains? You’d be a master chef in no time!

Though this might not be the best strategy for folks in drier climates, for those living in Seattle (or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest), it’s a foolproof plan.



4. DIY deep conditioner using pantry ingredients

Why spend hard cash on a product you can easily make yourself with ingredients you already have?

Most DIY deep conditioning recipes call for ingredients that are often already lurking in your fridge or pantry. Items like mayo, honey, avocado, and olive oil.

We scoured the web for some good ones, listed below, but you are of course welcome to improvise and make up your own.

Super Duper Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair – Food.com

Cheap + Easy Homemade Deep Conditioners – 4C Hair Chick

DIY Deep Condition Yoghurt & Honey Hair Mask – Little Green Dot


5. Make a sugar scrub

In a similar vein to deep conditioning, sugar scrubs are an easy and excellent way to employ rarely used pantry ingredients.

They are simple to make, delightful to use, and can help your next rainy day activity (a bubble bath, obivously) to be that much more glorious.

Skin already feeling soft and silky? DIY sugar scrubs make great holiday gifts as well!

Sweet Vanilla Sugar Scrub – Thank Your Body

DIY Coffee Sugar Scrub – Gimme Some Oven

12 Homemade Body Scrubs – Mashable



6. Host a tea party

Depending on who’s at home and how much time you have, throwing a old-fashioned tea party just might be what you need to brighten up your gloomy day.

Don’t confine yourself to just tea either.

Switch it up with a variety of tea and coffee, or take things to the next level with tea sandwiches and small desserts.

This option is great for spending some quality time offline, as well as to use that beautiful tea set that, again, you love but never actually use.



7. Create a family recipe book

Remember #2 – making an old family favorite?

Maybe your family is especially competent in the kitchen and has gathered a ton of family favorites over the years. Use your rainy day as an excuse to get a bit crafty and bind all these recipes into a cute family recipe book.

All you need is some craft paper, scissors, and fun decorations.

A family recipe book is a fantastic way to keep all of your culinary memories in one place. Plus, once you’re done, it will be so much easier to make your favorite dishes the next time you’re feeling nostalgic.

DIY Recipe Book – The 36th Avenue

DIY Recipe Book – A Beautiful Mess

Hopefully you managed to find a little inspiration for your next rainy day – we know we felt inspired just putting this post together! Have fun with it and make sure to stay dry!

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