9 Spooktacular Ways to Have a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is easily one of our favorite holidays – creepy costumes, delightful decorations, and dangerously delicious desserts.

It’s that last one though that tends to get us in trouble.

When it comes to desserts we definitely don’t discriminate – brownies, cake, candy – we love it all! So when Halloween comes around, it’s always a struggle not to go overboard with the sugar.

With that in mind, this year we decided to be proactive and put together a quick, simple guide aimed at helping everyone stay healthy during this spooky holiday season.

Check it out and enjoy a happy, healthy Halloween!

Healthy Halloween Pumpkins

1. Apply grocery store logic

Ever heard that it’s a bad idea to grocery shop while you’re hungry?

That same goes for handing out candy.

Though it’s tempting to “save” your calories for candy, you’re significantly more likely to overindulge if you’re hungry while surrounded by sweets.

More than that, the type of calories you consume matter – so it’s much better to fill up on whole nutrients beforehand. That way your willpower will be at full strength when those Trick or Treaters come knocking.

2. Wait until the very last minute

Don’t buy your candy the second it appears in the grocery store.

That’s the easiest way to stack the odds against your self control.

Halloween candy usually appears at least a month before Halloween actually happens, meaning that if you buy it when it first becomes available you’re looking at a full month of trying to resist temptation.

We don’t know about you, but it’s hard to hold out even a few minutes in the presence of our favorite sweet treats, much less a month.

3. Don’t buy your favorite candy

Filling your house with your all-time favorite cheat food is essentially setting yourself up for a series of successive cheat days.. Why even go there?

Instead of buying your favorite candies, head to the opposite side of the spectrum. If you enjoy chocolate, go for the gummy worms or jelly beans instead.

This way if you get hit with a craving, your candy kryptonite won’t be close by.

Healthy Halloween Chocolate

4. Go for dark chocolate over milk chocolate

If you do opt for chocolate, go for a beautiful dark chocolate over the more sugary, more processed milk chocolate alternatives.

Though milk chocolate tends to be favored by children, dark chocolate has significantly less sugar and tends to have less artificial ingredients.

With a small square of dark chocolate you will satisfy your cravings, but not get hit with a huge sugar rush – eventually leading to a sugar slump.

5. Out of sight out of mind

Once you do buy the candy, don’t just leave it lying around in the kitchen. Instead, stash it in the back of  your pantry until you actually need it i.e. Halloween day.

This way you won’t be constantly reminded about the candy and tempted to indulge every time you enter the kitchen.

6. Remind yourself of what’s important

This is essentially h the inverse of #5.

Consider what’s important to you when it comes to fitness and health. Then, write down your top goal, and then post that goal in a prominent place.

Perhaps on the door to the cupboard in which you stashed the candy?

That way when you find yourself feeling tempted, your positive reminder is front and center.

Healthy Halloween Exercise

7. Exercise on Halloween morning

Starting your day with a sweaty aerobic work out serves two purposes.

First, you’ve already burned some extra calories, leaving a little room for your sweet splurges. Second, you’ve put yourself in a health oriented mindset right from the start.

Your energy will be higher, and your cravings will be less.

More importantly, you can go through the whole day knowing that you’ve already done something good for you body.

8. Plan your wiggle room

Instead of heading into candyland without a plan, decide on your splurge ahead of time i.e. I give myself permission to have one small chocolate bar and half a candy apple.

Setting definitive boundaries for your splurge will allow you to truly savor every bite, rather than rushing through and then feeling as though you missed part of the experience.

9. Stock your house with healthy alternatives

Fresh fruit, dark chocolate, the makings of a green smoothie – these are all alternatives that will add a little sugar to your life without completely breaking the calorie bank.

Stocking up ahead of time will ensure that when the candy comes out and the cravings hit, you’ll have a healthier alternative already on deck.

So think like a Boy Scout and always be prepared!


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