Seattle Wedding Show 2016: A Bastion of Bridal Bliss

Picture a bridal paradise.

Sumptuous and sweetly scented floral arrangements, shabby chic displays with pastel paints and glowing fairy lights, richly beautiful gowns of fine silk, organza, and lace, and then of course – there’s the food.

Towering displays of tiny cupcakes, warm fruit pies in every flavor you can imagine (and some that you can’t), thin slices of rich and sumptuous wedding cakes – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and champagne – and the mouthwatering smell of Mom’s kitchen wafting from various savory bites.

This is the Seattle Wedding Show.

Seattle Wedding Show 2016

A massive, decadent, beautiful event we attended on January 16th and 17th at the Convention Center in Downtown Seattle. With hundreds of vendors and only two days to see them all, there’s definitely a lot of ground to cover – but everyone we spoke with (and there were quite a few!) had a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eyes.

It’s hard not to smile when surrounded by so many lovely, elegant, and wholly tantalizing options.

Though we were definitely impressed with many of the vendors we saw, we can’t really talk about the show without mentioning our own contribution. We put our heart and soul into our booth this year – and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results!


Seattle Wedding Show

Our mascot Penelope getting ready for the show

In past years, we brought a full array of tasty savory treats… and people loved it!

This year, however, we decided to take a somewhat different approach. Rather than overcrowd our booth and overwhelm our visitors, we opted for a simple and elegant approach – one that would allow us to get our message out and give the Bridal Show-ers something to remember us by.

For our sweet treat center piece we opted for individually wrapped shortbread cookies – shaped like hearts, frosted in lovely pastels, and then finished with an elegant silver sugar pearl. Beautiful!

Seattle Wedding Show

To compliment the cookies, we also set up a fun, goodie-laden hot chocolate bar. Rich, house-made hot chocolate, with a host of yummy topping options: whipped cream (naturally), colorful sprinkles, cinnamon, peppermint pieces, and for those bolder brides.. Cayenne pepper!

The icing on the cake (excuse our pun) were our chocolate and candy dipped marshmallows – complete with a fun stripey straw for easy eating. These marshmallows offered something for everyone: white and dark chocolate with chocolate chips, milk chocolate with toffee bits, and white chocolate with Seahawks pride sprinkles. Yum!

Seattle Wedding Show

At the end of this bridal cornucopia, we bid our guests adieu, packed up our booth, and scooted off to our shop in SODO for some much needed R&R.

We would like to thank all the people we spoke with for their willingness to learn more about our business!

We also want to express our gratitude to the Seattle Convention Center for hosting, and of course, the Seattle Wedding Show planners for putting on such a fabulous event.

Seattle Wedding Show

Do you want mouthwatering and memorable food at your wedding?

Call us! We love weddings and we would love to make your big day even better!

Better yet…

Want to try before you buy?

We are throwing a Wedding & Bridal Showcase on Wednesday, February 24th – and we would love to see you there!

This event is totally free. All you need to do is RSVP beforehand so we know how many people to expect.

RSVP here to save your place at this very special, exclusive event.

With fully customizable menus, a breadth of experience working with allergens and different dietary preferences, and over 12 years of weddings under our belt – we can provide the culinary experiences you and your guests crave.

[This date for this event has passed since this blog post went live, but we would still be more than happy to discuss your wedding with you. Click on the ‘Contact’ tab in at right-hand top of the page, or shoot us an email at inquiries [@] onsafarifoods [.] com  ]

Seattle Wedding Show

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