On Safari Foods is Seattle’s only producer of
authentic South African style boerewors sausage!


Did you know that On Safari Foods started out as a sausage company?

When our founder, Teresa Carew, moved to the United States, she brought her traditional South African recipes for artisan sausages, otherwise known as “boerewors.”

Every sausage is produced locally and made from all-natural, grass-fed, and hormone-free sources. We make the special spice blends in-house to create the most flavorful, well-balanced, and delicious sausages for you to enjoy. Try them at your next barbecue as a unique addition that your guests are guaranteed to love!

Currently we offer four different sausage varieties (based on availability) . Each is packaged frozen in one pound portions and comes in our distinctive coil shape.

Lamb-Beef-Pork (traditional boerewor) $10 per pound
Made with a blend of coriander and nutmeg with a pork casing

Beef $10 per pound
Made with a blend of coriander and nutmeg with a sheep casing

Creole Pork (not too spicy!) $10 per pound
Made with a blend of garlic, fresh onion, and cumin with a pork casing

Lamb $15 per pound
Made with a blend of fresh rosemary and garlic with a sheep casing

Stop by the office or cafe and grab a pound today!


Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm
Cafe Hours:
Monday – Friday 11am – 2:30pm

3317 3rd Ave S, Seattle WA 98104 | 206-932-9497